Preaching and Conflict Transformation

by Perkins Center for Preaching Excellence on Monday, January 29, 2024

Preaching and Conflict Transformation

 April 16, 2024

9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Perkins School of Theology, Prothro Great Hall

Conflict is a normal part of life. Our neighborhoods, congregations, and workplaces experience conflict. Conflict can be a generative part of sanctification for individuals and communities who are growing in faithfulness, but at times conflict can spiral into pain, broken relationships, squandering of resources, and violence as is evidenced by estranged families, polarized politics, denominational splits, and wars raging in Ukraine and Israel/Gaza.

Because the stakes are so high, preachers often feel powerless amid conflict and may avoid speaking about or engaging conflict from the pulpit. But there is a path forward, this event will focus on how preachers can embrace tools, wisdom, and approaches from the field of conflict transformation to bring peace, new life, and hope to congregations and communities. 

The registration fee is only $50!

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The code is: STUDENT

A continental breakfast and lunch are included!


In this dynamic session, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of conflict transformation and its significance in fostering resilient communities.

  • Explore the theological implications of conflict and its role in the process of sanctification.

  • Learn practical techniques for incorporating conflict transformation into your preaching ministry.

  • Discover how small changes can have a significant impact on resolving conflicts within your congregation and beyond.


Whether you are a seasoned preacher seeking to enhance your pastoral skills or a student, staff member, or faculty member eager to explore new dimensions of ministry, this workshop offers an invaluable opportunity for growth and reflection.



Coming soon!


Workshop Leaders:


Joni Sancken

Joni Sancken is the newly appointed Butler Chair of Homiletics and Biblical Interpretation at the Vancouver School of Theology. She was previously professor of homiletics at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. Sancken is ordained in the Mennonite Church USA and is the author of several books reflecting a theological and interdisciplinary approach to preaching. Her recent books include Words that Heal: Preaching Hope to Wounded Souls (Abingdon, 2019), All Our Griefs to Bear: Responding with Resilience to Collective Trauma  (Herald, 2022), and Getting to God: Preaching Good News in a Troubled World (co-authored, Cascade, 2023.) She lives in Vancouver with her pastor spouse Steve Schumm and children Maggie and Teddy.



Regina Stoltzfus

Regina Shands Stoltzfus is a Professor of Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies at Goshen College, currently serving as the Director of the PJCS department. Hailing originally from Cleveland, Regina's upbringing in a Mennonite-affiliated congregation instilled in her a strong sense of community and service. Although she didn't graduate from Goshen College, Regina's ties to the institution run deep, having attended for a year before embarking on a journey that led her to various roles within the academic and religious spheres. Beyond academia, Regina finds solace in the beauty of nature, often seen walking or running along the Millrace during warmer months. She is the co-author of Been in the Struggle: Pursuing an Antiracist Spirituality, Herald Press, 2021 (co-authored with Tobin Miller Shearer). 


Watch an interview with the speakers to gain a deeper understanding of their vision for the workshop:

Here is a video recap of last year's workshop in the "Preaching and..." series - Preaching and Filmmaking, just to give you an idea of what our workshops look like and what to expect.

Any person who requires a reasonable accommodation on the basis of a disability in order to participate in this program should contact the Perkins Center for Preaching Excellence at at least one week prior to the event to arrange for the accommodation.

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