Perkins Homiletics Professors on the Road!

by Perkins Center for Preaching Excellence on Thursday, April 25, 2024



April 8 and 9 Dr. Alyce McKenzie, Le Van Professor of Preaching and Worship,  traveled to Alexandria, Louisiana to lead a group of pastors from the Louisiana Conference, UMC in a workshop called Humor Us! Preaching and the Power of the Comic Spirit. The workshop was modeled on a book she recently co-authored with SMU communications and humor scholar Dr. Owen Lynch. Participants gained a respect for humor in the pulpit beyond the guaranteed opening guffaw(!) and a fresh perspective on bringing the joy and humor inherent in our faith into our approach to our pastoral ministries. Some hilarious (and preachable!) stories were shared. 





The following week Dr. Wes Allen, Lois Craddock Perkins Professor of Homiletics, traveled to the Texas Conference to do two day-long workshops (April 18 in Spring, Texas and April 20 in Palestine, Texas) with commissioned lay ministers and licensed local pastors. The Preacher’s Toolbox workshop introduces participants to a helpful text to sermon process. Each participant received a copy of The Preacher’s Bible Handbook, edited by Dr. Allen. The book offers a brief overview and background of each book in the Bible. These initial in-person workshops will be followed up with a series of zoom sessions for non-seminary trained preachers to do deeper dives into topics of interest to participants.


Anyone interested in hosting these or other workshops sponsored by the PCPE, contact us at or 214-768-8436. 

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