Must Reads, Episode 22, with Tyshawn Gardner, featuring his book “Social Crisis Preaching"

by Perkins Center for Preaching Excellence on Thursday, July 6, 2023

In this episode of Must Reads, Dr. Tyshawn Gardner discusses the concept of social crisis and its relevance to preaching. He defines a social crisis as a public issue that affects the community as a whole and has reached significant proportions. Gardner emphasizes the importance of addressing social crises in preaching and differentiates between preaching about social crises and preaching to them. He believes that preachers should offer hope and a redemptive paradigm in their sermons. He also addresses the practical aspects of social crisis preaching, specifically focusing on sermonic design and delivery. Gardner refers to the inductive, semi-inductive, and deductive styles of preaching discussed by Kelly Miller Smith. He emphasizes the importance of exegeting both the congregation and the biblical text to determine the appropriate style for effective communication. Gardner also highlights the need for spirit-empowered courage in social crisis preaching. He believes that the Holy Spirit plays a crucial role in inspiring and empowering preachers to engage in prophetic preaching.

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