Must Reads, Episode 20, with Shauna K. Hannan, featuring her book “The People's Sermon”

by Perkins Center for Preaching Excellence on Thursday, May 4, 2023

In her book The People's Sermon: Preaching as a Ministry to the Whole Congregation, Dr. Shauna Hannan focuses on collaborative preaching and defines it as a spectrum of approaches, from checking in with someone about a sermon topic to inviting others to take the microphone during the sermon. She argues that collaborative preaching is important because it helps to equip the whole congregation to proclaim the gospel.

Dr. Hannan discusses the benefits of collaborative preaching, including:

·        It helps build community and trust among the congregation.

·        It helps empower the congregation to be more involved in ministry.

·        It can help break down the hierarchy between the preacher and the congregation. When everyone is involved in the sermon process, it sends a message that everyone has something to contribute.

·        Collaborative preaching can help to create a more inclusive community. When people from all walks of life share their stories, it helps build understanding and empathy.

·        Collaborative preaching can help to make the sermon more relevant. When the sermon is based on the congregation's needs and concerns, it is more likely to be heard and understood.

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