Must Reads Classics – Saved from Silence: Finding Women's Voice in Preaching by Mary Donovan Turner

by Perkins Center for Preaching Excellence on Thursday, January 4, 2024

In this episode of Must Reads Classics, Dr. O. Wesley Allen, Jr. interviews Dr. Mary Donovan Turner - Carl Patton Professor of Preaching and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Pacific School of Religion, and Dr. Mary Lin Hudson - Professor Emeritus of Homiletics and Liturgics at Memphis Theological Seminary, about their book “Saved from Silence: Finding Women's Voice in Preaching.”

The interview emphasizes the challenges women face in finding their voice in the pulpit and the need to address these issues. The authors delve into the interdisciplinary approach they took, exploring biblical, theological, historical, psychological, cultural, and gender studies to understand the underlying issues hindering individuals from finding their voice in preaching. The book is credited with breaking new ground and introducing a theology of voice for preaching, emphasizing the embodied presence of God in the pulpit.

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