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In each short video Dr. O. Wesley Allen and Dr. Alyce McKenzie interview scholars with different specialties to talk about current issues in preaching. 

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Preaching Today, Episode 1, with Dr. W. Craig Gilliam – Conflict Resolution

Welcome to Episode 1 of Preaching Today with Dr. W. Craig Gilliam, an ordained United Methodist elder, Gallup-Certified Strengths Development Coach, and the founder of a consulting practice Gilliam & Associates, LLC.

Dr. Gilliam is an organizational consultant and conflict resolution specialist. In this interview, Dr. Gilliam offers advice for preachers and their congregations on overcoming friction.

Dr. W. Craig Gilliam, an ordained United Methodist elder and member of the Louisiana Conference, is the founder and owner of a consulting practice, Gilliam and Associates, LLC, and resides in Shreveport, LA. Dr. Gilliam works in I/O (Industrial Organizational) psychology and is an organizational consultant, educator, facilitator, conflict resolution specialist, and coach.

He has served in various capacities with over 25+ years of experience in organizational/congregational consulting. Craig’s areas of specialization include working with congregations/organizations in conflict, facilitating difficult conversations, leadership development, and change management.

In addition to having published numerous articles on leadership, change and conflict transformation, he is the author of several books: A Time of Change: Revisioning Your Call, (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2000; Co-Authored with James E. Hightower); Where Angels Dare to Dance: Conflict and Anxiety in Congregational Life (JustPeace, 2017), and two books of poetry, Where Wild Things Grow (Vervante, 2015) and a recent publication, What Beckons You? (Vervante, 2021).

Craig’s passions/hobbies are family, poetry, and karate. He is a 5th-degree black belt (Godan) in traditional Japanese Karate (Shotokan).