Here is a document prepared by homileticians  Wes Allen and Alyce McKenzie on offering homiletical strategies for preaching in these tumultuous times.


Preaching to the Left Behind

Ideas for Preaching in the Wake of Disaffiliations 

and as the Denomination Looks forward to General Conference 2024

Wes Allen and Alyce McKenzie

The recent turmoil in the United Methodist family regarding issues of human sexuality has become top of mind among us. The situation is so all-absorbing that preachers can have a difficult time thinking strategically about how to preach into and beyond this turmoil.

This essay is the combined effort of Wes Allen (an elder in the Indiana Annual Conference) and Alyce McKenzie (an elder in the North Texas Annual Conference), working together to offer some homiletical possibilities for preaching in this in-between time.

To be clear, we recognize the moment calls for extensive work in the areas of pastoral care and denominational/congregational leadership. Preaching is a key part of this work but is not presented here as a substitute for a multi-layered approach to the healing and missional tasks needed. Our suggestions are homiletical in nature because that is the gift we have to offer.

The collection of suggestions is not intended to be useful to all, given the diversity of situations congregations are facing. Nor is the collection exhaustive. We offer a smorgasbord of homiletical strategies for preachers to choose from, adapt, and add to as they see fit, given their own theologies and understandings of their congregational contexts.

We hope you may find something useful in the homiletical strategies we have offered. We are available for online conversation with individuals and church bodies and encourage you to be in touch with us if the Perkins Center for Preaching Excellence can be helpful in your preaching ministry in the uncertain days ahead.